Why investing in stocks or real estate is risky compared to bitcoin in long term?

The best use of 15-minutes spent in your investment life.

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However, unlike a typical ponzi scheme which goes bust in 2–3 years at the best, Bitcoin has been running non-stop for last 11 years ( which is a record NO BANK can claim , Not EVEN the best banks in the world can claim it). Usually, most ponzi schemes get shut down by government in few years, which effectively means most investors lose money.

However, in the last 10 years the value of Bitcoin keeps going up from $1 to $24,000 Now reaching a mind boggling $500 billion Market cap. There’s is no company or asset in the history that grew this big this fast.

something really interesting must be going on with Bitcoin

You may fall in love with your newly acquired penthouse apartment, but by next year, you will have five neighbours building up next to you, which in-turn decreases the scarcity value.

Digitization has incredible advantages which give the underlying network huge value.

This in my mind is killer feature of cryptocurrencies

The mighty US government which routinely shutdowns many financial entities for non-compliance ( aka not following its arbitrary rules ) has finally accepted its defeat in defeating Bitcoin ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2019/10/08/the-us-government-tried-to-shut-down-bitcoin/?sh=4494363c1966 )

A network that has no borders, that doesn't take a break on weekends as your bank does.

A network that only abides by Code and one that cannot be regulated by any politician.

This network is native to the internet and can be programable so a million apps can build on it,

If you thought internet bought in crazy revolution and wealth, Bitcoin/ Crypto will be 100 times that.

Bitcoin runs on a system of decentralised ledgers and operates by private key cryptography, where the holder of the key ( 60 character password ) is the only person that has the final say in utilising these funds. No banks or trust in govt is needed, nor can they stop it.

Breach of your First amendment Right of Freedom of Speech

To the gold bugs out there, this is a big killer feature of Bitcoin, Govt can seize your gold without any hassle ( which they have done in the past multiple times ) as gold is not an asset that resides in your mind and exists physically.

Even though most govt’s don’t like offering financial freedom to their citizens, they themselves don’t like being controlled an overlord like US, fortunately govts don’t abide by arbitrary regulations like KYC / AML /FATCA etc when doing business with other countries, so sooner or later they will adopt Bitcoin for doing business.



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