As you know AI is all the rage these days, with the industry after industry poised to be affected by it.

AI can be broadly divided into three structures — Numbers, Text, Images (including video). …

Image detection aka feature detection is hard for computers like very very hard in fact one can say impossibly hard as computers can only reach a probabilistic outcome and humans somehow have an intuitive understanding of pictures (even though a lot of it involves heavy neural computations too if you…

How bitcoin changes the world

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Bitcoin is the world’s first peer-to-peer money transfer network that comes with its own currency. As it's distributed widely and decentralized it is impossible to stop it technically, however governments being govts ( i.e …

What is bitcoin black hole ??

How bitcoin sucks up all assets into it

A black hole is the ultimate force in the universe which sucks up all matter even light, as it sucks up more and matter it gets more and more Dense and more and more powerful.

The best use of 15-minutes spent in your investment life.

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Bitcoin is a revolution in the world of finance, which questions our fundamental beliefs about money and investments

On the face of it, Bitcoin looks very similar to a Ponzi scheme

  1. The only way you profit is if someone buys it for more

2. There are no cash flows for…

The 50-year curse on Indian economy

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Indira Gandhi is India’s first women prime-minister who is the daughter of India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

Ms Gandhi is considered a revolutionary who has faced some of the most uncertain political times in India’s history.

The two hallmark policies of her tenure…

If China (the world’s most powerful dictatorship ) didn't attempt to ban crypto holdings, India never can.

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Indian govt has threatened an outright ban with a 10-year jail term for anyone holding a cryptocurrency

There is a ‘Draft proposal’ that is floating around the internet which imposes a blanket ban…

Unless you are living under a rock, you know that blockchain is going to take over the world. There are multiple applications from finance, supply chain, accounting, Retail, Health & much more.

Blockchain has applications wherever there is an exchange of information which has ‘Value’ — which practically means pretty…

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The Internet is filled with algorithms that talk about unsupervised learning, understanding real-life use cases will give a deeper perspective, however.

As we know Data is the new oil and User Data is pure Gold. …

and why most of the media is shameless and lying about bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies are unike any asset class the world has ever seen, so at the least it needs a complete ground-up thinking compared to the traditional thinking of calling something a bubble that will burst soon.

Why are cryptos…

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