30 Reasons cryptocurrency will kick ass of banks and take over the world

1.Open a bank account easier than opening your email account

2. Single word account numbers


3. Hell with the transfer fees

4. Hell with account fees

5. And it takes days to transfer money

6. Machine to machine payments

7. Inflation, inflation, inflation

8. Fractional reserve lending

crazy thing is it's completely legal

9. Identity Theft

10. KYC AML blah blah..regulations blah blah…

11. Privacy

12. Bigger privacy

13. Money 2.0

14. Adblockers .. God’s wonderful creation.. right ?

15. Get rid of of costly heating bills

16. Wars , WMDs and budget deficits

17. Currency controls

18. Hyperinflation

This man when asked by an interviewer said hes not bothered about people stealing the cash as the wheelbarrow costs more than the entire currency stack hes carrying.

19. $20 Trillions and counting

20. One world one money

21. Make a ton of money

dash went up by 30 times from the beginning of the year in 2017 and has triple digit growth for last 4 years

22. wonder why others don’t get this shit :)

23. yes bad guys will love this too.. but

24. Steve Jobs will love it

25. Stop just liking stuff

26. you want to change the world for better, but you are lazy

27. you hate Big bank bailouts

28. You hate your dictator

29. The Crypto community

30. The big reset

Virtual currencies will give a run for your money central banksters ( sorry bankers i mean )




Data Scientist, NLP Enthusiast, Blockchain Evangelist..

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Krishna Yogi

Krishna Yogi

Data Scientist, NLP Enthusiast, Blockchain Evangelist..

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